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A quality driven news sharing and discussion platform

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A revision in online news discussion

Inflo is a context hub for people who want to discuss the news constructively. A hybrid between a social media platform and a news aggregator, it takes features of the two, and optimizes them for quality and reliability.

👎 No ads

Facilitating the flow of information is a serious task. That's why we're committed to making sure your data will never be exploited for ad-targeting.

👎 No algorithmic feed

We are paving the way for a new, user-oriented way of accessing information, where only you control what you see. No more echo-chamber inducing algorithmic content feeds.

👎 No liking system

We are creating an ecosystem that rewards those who bring something new to the conversation, because we believe in the power of discussion, and not shallow "likes" or vague "reactions".

👍 A nutritional content feed

A non-algorithmic, ad-free feed means eliminating the factors that make clickbait and "fake news" lucrative, and getting toxic sponsored content out of your media diet.

👍 AI with good intentions

A classification and content filtering system means you can see the content you want to see, any time you want to see it. We don't make assumptions. You're in control.

👍 A community of insights

Our commentary voting system has been designed to reward insights and expertise, transforming the comments section from a polarized virality contest, into a town hall for knowledge sharing.

A curation format designed for you (not advertisers)

Inflo is flouting the norm by allowing users to see what they want, when they want — instead of being force fed by an algorithm. We've developed an automatic classification system using the latest in machine learning advances, which lets you simply select your topics of interest, and immediately see what's being discussed about them. Finally, a feed you can trust.

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Intelligence to inspire

Inflo will offer intelligence reports based on anonymized activity within the platform, allowing publishers, firms, and researchers to get the edge on the latest trends. By transforming engagement metrics into actionable data, we can visualize trends and generate sentiment indicators, offering an in depth look into the content that's being shared online.